The Combined Tax Statement and Assessment Notices for Alberta Beach are mailed June 10th and are payable by August 9th annually. Payment of property taxes can be made in person at the Village Office (4935 -50th Ave) with cheque, money order, cash or debit card between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Tuesday - Friday. There is a mail slot located beside the front door of the Office for those who can not make business hours. Payments may also be mailed to Box 278 Alberta Beach, Alberta TOE OAO. If payment is mailed, it must be postmarked no later than August 9th, to avoid the penalty. There is an 18% penalty charge applied to all unpaid tax accounts August 10th for the current years taxes. On January 1st of the following year there is a 18% penalty charge on all tax arrears.

PLEASE NOTE: Council recognizes that the ability to make payments on property taxes may be hampered, so we have made adjustments to accommodate those experiencing financial difficulties. The August 10th penalty date has been waived for 2020.

Due to the Administration Office being closed at this time due to COVID-19 the following options are available for the payment of property taxes:

1. Mail payments to Alberta Beach , Box 278, Alberta Beach , AB T0E 0A0

2. Payments by cheque, money order or bank draft with a copy of your tax notice can be dropped off in the mail slot beside the front door (left side).

3. Pay by e-transfer - Please contact the village office for details.

4. Cash or  Debit— By Appointment Only. Please call the  Administration Office at 780-924-3181 to book an Appointment.  

A tax payment that is mailed is deemed to have been received by Alberta Beach on the date of the postmark stamped on the envelope. The postmarked stamp must be no later than August 9th, 2020 to avoid the penalty.

 If you require a receipt please contact our Administration Office and a receipt will be made available.