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Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks - An Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) highlights and formalizes existing collaborative work between adjacent municipalities and provides a forum to work together. The primary goal of ICF's is ensuring neighbouring municipalities work together regarding service delivery and cost-sharing. Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICF's) must align with the requirements outlined in Part 17.2 of the Municipal Government Act. Below are Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Documents with neighbouring municipalities.    
282-21 Lac Ste. Anne County ICF Bylaw 417KB
281-21 Assessment Review Board Bylaw 252KB
280-20 Council Procedure Bylaw 796KB
279-20 Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Bylaw 337KB
278-20 Mobile Vendor Bylaw 687KB
277-20 Fees & Rates Bylaw 381KB
276-20 Designated Officer's Bylaw 573KB
275-20 Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw 412KB
274-20 Tax Rate Bylaw 2.27MB
273-20 Establish A Subdivision Authority -Rescinded 37KB
272-20 Establish A Development Authority - Rescinded 30KB
271-20 Emergency Management Bylaw 8,856KB
270-19 Library Board Bylaw 171KB
269-19 Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw 65KB
268-19 Atco Gas Franchise Agreement Bylaw 3,136KB
267-19 Fortis Electric Distribution Service Bylaw 111KB
266-19 Property Tax Bylaw 100KB
263-18 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Garage Height 64.1KB
Garage Sale Procedures 96.5KB
262-18 Garage Sale Bylaw 161KB
260-18 Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 296KB
259-18 Property Tax Bylaw 77KB
258-18 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Cannabis 326KB
257-18 Untidy and Unsightly Bylaw 264MB
253-17 Property Tax Bylaw.pdf 651KB
252-17 Land Use Bylaw.pdf 585MB
252-17 Land Use District Map.pdf 220KB
251-17 Municipal Development Plan.pdf 528KB
251-17 Future Land Use Map.pdf 190KB
250-17 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Re-District.pdf 547KB
248-16 Mill Rate Bylaw 72KB
247-16 Burning Bylaw.pdf 2.11MB
246-16 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Redistrict 117 KB
245-16 Plan Cancellation Bylaw 50.7 KB
244-15 Intermunicipal Development Bylaw (IDP) 13.0 MB
243-15 Millrate Bylaw 64KB
242-15 Plan Cancellation Bylaw 45.4 KB
238-12 Plan Cancellation Bylaw 47.2 KB
237-12 Weapons Bylaw 210 KB
232-11 Fireworks Bylaw.pdf 407KB
231-10 Sewer Bylaw 358 KB
223-09 Animal Control Bylaw.pdf 59.7KB
222-08 Plan Cancellation Bylaw 50.9 KB
221-08 Land Use - Amend AB-IDP 45.6 KB
215-08 Regional Water Commission Authorization Bylaw 47.0 KB
211-07 Waste Collection & Disposal Bylaw.pdf 44KB
208-07 Traffic Bylaw.pdf 2.17MB
207-06 Recreational Vehicles Bylaw.pdf 73KB
198-04 Outdoor Privy Bylaw 155 KB
197-04 Public Order bylaw.pdf 36.2KB
191-04 CAO Bylaw - Rescinded 38KB
187-03 Off Highway Vehicles Bylaw.pdf 23.6KB
157-99 Road Closure Bylaw 56.8 KB
155-99 Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy Bylaw (FOIP) 319 KB
129-97 Tax Payment Plan Bylaw 60.2 KB
105-94 Increase Number Of Councillors From Three To Five Bylaw 44.9 KB
56-92 Parks Bylaw 338 KB
19-84 Tax Penalties Bylaw 55.2 KB