Development & Demolition Permits

All construction, including renovations, development and demolition, must have the required permits. The Development Officer must be contacted prior to commencing any project. They can be contacted through the Village Office at 780-994-1883.

Note: All vendors on commercial property must apply for a development permit prior to any set up.

Residential (R-1 & R-2) - Development Permit Application

Secondary Suites,Garage & Garden Suite - Development Permit Application.

Home Based Business (Home Occupation or Office) - Development Permit Application

Sign Permit(s) Permanent or Temporary - Development Permit Application

Planning & Development Permit Fees

Alberta Beach is a non accredited municipality. Compliance Monitoring for Safety Codes falls under Alberta Municipal Affairs. The following agencies are authorized by Alberta Municipal Affairs to issue permits and provide compliance moitoring in non-accredited Municipalities.

Authorized Agencies for issuing Building/Electrical/Gas/Plumbing Permits