Tax and Assessment Notices are combined and mailed on June 10th of each year with the Notice of Assessment Date of June 18. Taxes are due August 9th of each year. A penalty of 18% will be applied on August 10th to all unpaid current year's taxes. In January of the following year an 18 % penalty will be imposed on all outstanding taxes.

A change in the Municipal Mill Rate alone may not necessarily increase or decrease the total Municipal Taxes that one may owe from one year to the next.

Prior to contacting the Village office to discuss your Municipal Taxes, please review the value that your property has been assessed at (both land and improvements) since a significant change in this amount may not only have direct impact on your Municipal Taxes, but also the level of School taxes.

For Assessment Concerns Contact the Assessor: Dan Kanuka at 780-939-3310.

As per section 311 and 337 of the MGA, notice is hereby given that the combined assessment and tax notices for Alberta Beach were mailed June 10, 2020, all assessed persons are deemed to have received their assessments and tax notices 7 days after being sent. The Assessment Appeal deadline is August 20, 2020. Any person who wishes to appeal his/her assessment must do so in writing using the Government of Alberta Assessment Review Board Complaint form, or as otherwise provided for by Regulation or Ministerial Order, to be valid.
Assessment Complaint Form
Assessment Agent Authorization Form

Please click on the below link to view the Tax Assessment Roll Information for Alberta Beach. 

Attached is the latest 2019 Assessment Roll.  The values on this roll are as of July 1st, 2019 for the 2020 Tax Year.

Tax Assessment Roll

What is property Assessment?

Property assessment is the process of estimating the market value of your property for municipal & education taxation purposes. Assessment is simply a distribution mechanism. The property taxes that you pay are calculated in proportion to the value of the real estate you own. A qualified assessor prepares annual assessments for all property within Alberta Beach. Our assessment representative is dedicated to providing a fair & accurate assessment for Alberta Beach taxpayers.

What is Market value?

Market value is the valuation standard set by provincial legislation & is the basis for property valuation across Alberta. Market value is the probable price your property could sell for in a competitive & open market, as of a given date. Market value is recognized as the most understandable, transparent & objective measure of a property's worth. The market value as shown on your 2020 Assessment & Taxation notice is based on a legislated valuation date of July 1, 2019 & reflects the physical condition of your property as of Dec 31, 2019.

How is Market Value Determined?

Market value assessments are prepared using mass appraisal. This is the process of valuing a group of properties at a given date, using standard methods and allowing for statistical testing. For residential property, assessors compile, review & analyze information from all legitimate real estate sale transactions that have occurred in Alberta Beach over the 12-month period prior to the valuation date. This process results in the estimated value of your property as of July 1, 2019.

Assessment Complaint Procedures

Complete the prescribed forms above or available under the documents miscellaneous tab on our website or you can pick up a copy at the Village Office and submit along with the applicable filing fee of $50.00 for single family residential & farmland properties & $150.00 for non-residential properties & multi-family residential properties with more than three dwelling units. As a reminder you can only appeal your assessment NOT your taxes and you must have grounds for your appeal. Please mail or drop off completed form and filing fee to:

Village Office
4935-50th Ave
P.O. Box 278
Alberta Beach, Alberta
Ph:(780) 924-3181
Fax:(780) 924-3313