The Village of Alberta Beach prides itself on its ability to provide municipal services efficiently and effectively. Municipal employees perform some of these services, while contractors are hired to perform others. The Village Administration office serves as an information center whose services impact a diverse clientele, the general public and other government entities. The administration office serves the Municipal Council and all other departments. The office is called upon daily for some service or information, and the work demands versatility, alertness, accuracy and patience. The administration office participates in the preparation of municipal elections including the distribution of ballots and the tabulation of the results, prepares tax and assessment notices, prepares meeting agendas and council packages of related information, records minutes of meetings and distributes to officials, respond to requests for information from the public, other municipalities and other legislative offices as well as performing the day to day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork. The Council, Village Administration, Public Works Department, and the Alberta Beach Patrol Department continue to give you the support required to ensure that the needs of the community are met. The lines of communication are always kept open, therefore, your ideas, comments and concerns or letters of complaints may be presented through written communication and forwarded to the Village Office.

Administration Fees:


Tax Certificates $30.00
Tax Searches (must be faxed or emailed) N/C
Development Officer (Kim Kozak) 587-988-7668
Planning & Development Permit Fees  
Photocopies – $.25 per page
81/2 X 11 $.25 per page
81/2 X 14 $.25 per page
11 X 17 $.50 per page
Faxing (sending) $1.00 per page
Faxing (receiving) $1.00 per page
Faxing Long Distance $1.00 extra
Laminating $1.00 per page
Skunk Trap Rentals: Alberta Beach Residents No Charge
Deposit Required (refunded upon return) $65.00
Cleaning Deposit Required(refunded when returned clean) $20.00
Skunk Trap Rentals: Non- Residents $65.00
For the First Three Days $25.00
After Three Days $10.00 per day
Deposit Required (refunded upon return) $65.00
Cleaning Deposit Required(refunded when returned clean) $20.00

Service Providers:


Atco Gas 780-310-5678
Atco Gas (24 Hour Emergency) 1-800-511-3477
Fortis Alberta 780-310-9473(wire)
Alberta One Call (call before you dig) 1-800-242-3447
2nd Call 1-855-263-2255
Epcor 780-310-4300
Telus 1-888-811-2323
Eastlink (cable) 1-888-345-1111
Just Energy 1-877-722-4521