The Village of Alberta Beach was incorporated in 1920 and is set on the shores of Lac Ste. Anne approximately 60km West of Edmonton and is primarily used for recreation. Over the years Alberta Beach has become a popular resort to visit which has a combination of permanent and summer residents. Our permanent population taken from the 2016 census is 1018 and on a busy summer weekend can attract 3000 or more visitors. Alberta Beach has a 5-member Council whose term currently runs until 2021.

  • Fires Can Happen - Are You Covered?
    Did you know that the cost of fire suppression by the fire department for a structure fire is payable by the property owner to the fire suppression provider?  Did you know that if a fire department responds to any other sort of fire:  ie)  grass, lawnmower, burn barrel, home alarm, false home alarm, that there will also be a cost to the property owner?

    Most insurance companies standard coverage payable for fire suppression is $10,000.00, this may not be enough to cover the bill of a fire.  Within various municipalities, we have seen fire suppression invoices for grass fires as high as $11,000.00 and invoices for structure fires ranging from $8,000.00 to $28,000.00 and these invoices have come to us through three different fire services providers responding to the various incidents.

    Do you have enough insurance to cover these costs?  Do you need to increase your coverage?   What does your policy say?

    Be sure you take a look at your home insurance policy or talk to your insurance agent.  Most insurance companies provide an option for you to increase your various coverages for very reasonable additional costs.  Ask your provider if your policy covers and what amounts are covered specifically for grassland, fire suppression and call-out costs.


MONTHLY COUNCIL MEETINGS: MEETING LOCATION CHANGE- UPDATED JANUARY 2ND, 2019: Council Meetings are held the third Tuesday per month. Meetings start at 7:00p.m. and are open to the public. Effective January 2019 Council Meetings will be held at the Alberta Beach Public Works Building Facility at 4000 Museum Road in Unit 5A until further notice. If you wish to speak with Council regarding a specific matter please contact the Village Office at 780-924-3181 prior to the meeting (Thursday before) to have your name and topic added to the Agenda. Council also has a brief general question period at the end of each Council Meeting.
NEXT COUNCIL MEETING DATE: Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 @ 7:00 P.M. held in the Alberta Beach Public Works Maintenance Building located at 4000 Museum Road in Unit 5A.
July 5, 2019 - Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom advisory issued for Lac Ste. Anne. Click for details.
GROWTH Alberta Business Awards of Excellence 2019 Program - Nominate a business. Closing date is September 15th, 2019.
National Drowning Prevention Week July 21st - 27th, 2019 - Proclamation
June 14, 2019 - Combined Tax Statement & Assessment Notice: Mailed June 10, 2019.
June 12, 2019 - CORRECTION NOTICE: There was an error made in the 2019 Annual Newsletter. The Planning & Development Fee listed for Additions and Accessory Buildings on page 4 is incorrect. It should have read $150.00, we apologise for the error.
LILSA Membership: Why become a member of LILSA?
LILSA is the only organization which represents everyone who is concerned about Lac Ste. Anne, Lake Isle and their surrounding watershed.
The annual cost for a membership is $20.00. Annual memberships are available for purchase at the Alberta Beach Village Office payable in cash or by cheque made payable to LILSA. Click for additional details.
CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: Tri-Village Regional Sewage Services Commission - Alberta Beach Forcemain Replacement Project. The work on the Forcemain Replacement is scheduled to begin on March 4, 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of July, 2019. Please expect lane\road closures, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Property owners who will be directly effected have been notified by mail. Please click for more detailed information with map of lane\road closures that will be required.

Public Hearings are an opportunity for people who are affected by projects or proposals to address Alberta Beach Council. Public Hearings are required by the Municipal Government Act as part of the adoption or amendment process for statutory plans and the land use bylaw.

The public and other stakeholders can participate in the public hearing process by speaking during the public hearing, or by providing written comments on the subject matter. Any correspondence received after the public hearing cannot be considered by Council, so it is important that concerned parties participate in the hearing.


The Village of Alberta Beach believes in providing the public with opportunities to be engaged in important decisions that affect the community. We encourage public input, and we use public participation to inform our decision-making process when appropriate.

What is public participation? Public participation happens when we ask stakeholders to provide input before we make a decision. For example, we may invite stakeholders to complete a survey or attend an open house so we can learn how they feel about a specific topic.

When is public participation needed? It is necessary when it’s required by Alberta’s Municipal Government Act and other legislation, and when Alberta Beach Council directs Administration to seek public input. There are a variety of circumstances when public participation may be necessary, please see below our Public Participation Policy.

How does public participation take place? We may use a variety of methods public participation: input, consultation and collaboration. Opportunities may include but are not limited to:
Input: In-person, online polls, printed surveys and email
Consultation: Open houses, public hearings, question period at the monthly Council Meetings and workshops.
Collaboration: Joint committees or task forces, able to form recommendations to Council.
After we seek public input, we report our findings to Council for consideration.

Click here to read our Public Participation Policy.

Current Opportunities for Public Participation: None


Alberta Environment & Parks - Lac Ste Anne Lake Levels & Weir Information: Since August 2018 Alberta Environment & Parks received numerous complaints regarding dropping lake levels on Lac Ste Anne. For general information related to the weir and current water levels please call the Alberta Environment and Parks Information Center at toll free Alberta 310-3773 or 1-877-944-0313. If you would like to report unauthorized activities or compliance issues please call the 24 Hour Environmental Hotline at 1-800-222-6514. Below you will find a Water Act Approvals Fact Sheet. Please click for details of a brief overview and current and historical lake levels and the contributing factors.

East End Bus Society Services - East End Bus Society is a cooperative effort of the Lac Ste. Anne County, the Town of Onoway and the Village of Alberta Beach to provide affordable transportation for seniors and handicapped. With additional financial support from 10 Summer Villages, Yellowstone, South View, Silversands, Val Quentin, Sunset Point, Sunrise Beach, Birch Cove, West Cove, Nakamun Park and Ross Haven. Services consists of scheduled shopping\medical trips to West Edmonton Mall, and Spruce Grove along ith excursion and rentals by service clubs, special interests groups and community members.

East End Bus Activity Calendar Schedule - March, April & June 2019 - click to view.

East End Bus Activity Schedule - July to October 2019 - click to view

Tri-Village Regional Sewage Services Commission Emergency Contact Info:
Tri-Village Regional Sewage Services Commission Policy Information: Installation of Clean-Outs\Line Blockages & Separations
Please contact the Village Office for further information.
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